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Royal Heritage Haveli


The world of Frangipani Spa’s signature therapies is designed to delight the senses and rejuvenate the soul. Unique therapies are designed to integrate the best from around the world.

Signature Massage

This treatment is a harmonious integration of Indian and Western methodologies.

Long, loopy movements using spice-infused aromatic blended oils, help channel metabolic toxins out of your system. Warm spice compresses help you attain the state of Niraamaya, "an eternal sense of well-being".

  • Duration : 90 min

  • Recommended for : Detox, physical stress, and muscular tension

  • Oils : Yes

  • Pressure : Medium to firm


An ancient Chinese art based on specific manipulation, with pressure reflex zones, to stimulate or sedate body systems – and promote total balance and sheer well-being.

  • Duration : 30 min / 60 min

  • Recommended for : Well-being and relaxation

  • Oils/Cream : Yes

  • Pressure : Medium to firm


A deeply relaxing holistic therapy, with gentle strokes that infuse aromatic essential oils to help calm and uplift you mentally.

  • Duration : 60 min

  • Recommended for: Relaxing and clarifying

  • Oils : Yes

  • Pressure : Medium


A natural oil massage, with muscles, massaged and kneaded with gliding strokes to ease tendons and knots. Helps improve blood circulation and melts tension.

  • Duration : 60 min

  • Recommended for : Stress and stiffness

  • Oils : Yes

  • Pressure : Firm to deep


A specific massage of the scalp, face, back, and legs to relieve fatigue and muscle ache from a long flight.

It promotes the re-distribution of fluids that may have accumulated in specific areas and targets specific lymph nodes to relieve pressure, energize, and "ground" your body after you land.


  • Duration : 45 min

  • Recommended for : Recovery from the after-effects of travel

  • Oils : Yes

  • Pressure : Medium to firm

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